Elementary Ideas

Quick post tonight....

Last week Christine and I posted some Remembrance Day painting pics. It was an idea that we brainstormed over a cup of coffee a few weeks back. We often try to create ideas that can reach across many grades, with increased expectations as the grade level changes.

Here is the visual arts activity in Christine's grade 3 classroom----The students also brainstormed words for Remembrance Day and chose a sentence that explained how they felt.

Here is my group of grade 7's art. The students used various elements of design such as line, shape, colour and texture.
The students then created many questions and comments from varying perspectives-- The wrote from the point of view of a grade 7 student, a soldier returning from war, and a poppy in Flanders Fields.
Here's a peak at their final product:

Last week we also dove into various text forms such as graphic texts and narratives.
Below are a few pics of my students creating their own comic strip focusing on features such as italics, bold print, thought bubbles, narration, 1st or 3rd person perspectives, illustrations, headings, etc. Each comic needed to relay a lesson or message to the reader.

 The comics are in the process of being cut and glued onto large strips of Bristol board, but will be copied onto a transparency and projected for their oral presentations.

Last week we also continued looking at narratives and plot structure.
Tomorrow the students are being introduced to season 1, episode 2 of the 3:15 series entitled "Reflecting Pool". They were mesmerized by the first episode and fantastic writing was produced. They have been pestering me to watch and read the next. Tomorrow is the day!

You can pick this plot diagram template HERE.

Lots of hands on literacy and math activities on tap for this week. Stay tuned :)

Happy Monday--- As happy as one can be on the first day of a week! :)