Easy-Peasy Visual Arts Lessons

Visual Arts is definitely not my forte, but I do however enjoy it. I know some teachers hate glue and supplies and anything that can make a little mess, but we all know, that's what the kids love! LOL. So there are two lessons-- One for the neat and clean teacher and one for the teacher that doesn't mind getting a little messy.
For the past few weeks we have been working on various elements of design. We started off with an easy lesson handed down from a colleague, which I tweaked a bit. It's easy, but turns out lovely.
This is "Fall Inspired", but you could definitely adapt this for any season (using various colours). Our focus was the effect of warm and cool colours on a piece of art. We also reviewed various lines and shadowing, in order to create a specific effect.
Lesson #1

Below is Step 1 and Step 2.
* Using a white sheet of paper (this paper is a little thicker than regular printer paper), trace a circle in the center of the page.
* From there, the students are to draw a tree. The branches are to stay within the circle and the trunk can go below.
*Students then create a grid using their ruler (the width of their ruler).
*Using their eraser, they are to erase the grid lines that go through their tree (ONLY inside of their tree).

Step 3 and Step 4

*After a review lesson about shapes, lines and shadowing, students fill the tree.

* Inside of the circle will contain 'warm colours'. Students review what colours would be warm and colour the squares within the circle (alternating between colours).

* The bottom squares (up the bottom of the circle) are coloured with various shades of green.

* The remainder of the squares will be coloured with cool colours.

Here's a look at our finished products:

Lesson #2
This coming week, my class is putting on a primary and a junior intermediate November 11th (Remembrance Day) mass for our school. I decided to get a head start on some décor for the mass this week.
This art piece was inspired by Huichol Art, which is folk art and craft work created by the Huichol People of Mexico.  The Huichol have a long history of beading, making the beads from clay, shells, corals, seeds and more and using them to make jewelry and to decorate bowls and other items. Although we didn't make our own beads etc., we viewed pieces of their work and drew ideas from them.

To begin, my students each brought in a piece of cardboard. They drew a poppy on it and cut it out.
I used thick neutral-toned cardstock for the background. The students cut small (quarter-sized) pieces and glued them on.
They did the same thing using black construction paper, black tissue paper and tin foil, creating a layered effect. Liquid glue seemed to work best for us. Modge Podge or Tack Glue is probably the best, though (but definitely more costly).

Using foam balls (that fill flower decorative vases-- purchased at Dollar Store), yarn, pom-poms, and red and black tissue paper, the students filled in their poppy cut-outs.

 Here's a few looks at the finish product. Very eye-catching and makes a statement.

 Here's a peak at the art my class created last Remembrance Day.... and here.
I would definitely do both of these Visual Arts Lessons, again.
Have a fabulous week ahead!


  1. Loved this idea! We made something very similar today in year one, completely inspired by your lesson. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art!


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