BUSY BEES- Beginning to Organize

In Christine’s room today...
Re-labelling all notebook bins and classroom bins with new “Black and White Labels.”
Black and White labels go with just about any decor!

When students are done, they hand their work into the "IN BIN." When you are done looking at it/marking it, it makes its way into the "OUT BIN". Very easy way to carry what needs to be marked with you on Prep.
Science/Social Studies Book & Bin.
Adding a little die cut and googly eyes makes it a touch more fun to work in!

Daily Journal- "Whooo Knew?"

All student workbooks make their way into a bin. Less issues with messy desks and no one can ever say  "I CAN'T FIND IT!"

No not in the curriculum, but a still a good skill to learn.... Add a popsicle stick and an elastic to the pages you are working on, and it's a book on the go!

Kids getting sick of the books in your classroom library, too quickly? Put a quarter of the books out and introduce the rest later! They never remember what was out and always think they're NEW!
Click here for book bin labels and aroud the room labels.