We are BLOG HOPPIN'....Here are some of our must-haves for the classroom:

Kaitlin's MUST HAVES:
1.) Green tea in a Thermos mug- To start off MOST days i enjoy a Green Tea. in my reusable mug. A must have to battle through the morning! My favourite brand is Thermos. T've tried them ALL, but this one keeps my tea warm until the end of the day (if I forget about it).
2.) A Comfy classroom library- Pillows, comfy chairs (bean bag chairs) and new books! A stop to the local public library once a month allows me to get our hands on some new reads, without spending my entire paycheck!

3) Papermate pens! These for me write very smooth and are inexpensive for the quality! A must for marking in something other than red!

4.) A camera-  I use this everyday! I take videos of my students working and thinking aloud. I rotate and ask them questions and use the videos of them as a end of the unit review so they can hear their answers and we can discuss as a class the topic at hand. I also take a million pictures to make a movie at the end of the year for each of them!
This is the camera i use below, because it is light and slim and can slide in my pocket.

Christine's MUST HAVES:

1.) Smelly markers- can't imagine starting a school year without them!

2.) sharpened pencils in a jar and a really good electric pencil sharpener!
3.) An eco-friendly water bottle- water helps the brain function and stay alert! I also let my students keep one on their desk!

4.) Gum ball machine -full to the top- gum helps the brain think and isn't really a bad candy incentive, I have a really cool dispenser I picked up at kohl's that is going to be in my math centre....I call it smart gum, I plan to use it as an incentive when working on things that can be challenging to students, gives them the confidence some of them may need,

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    1. K and C Love Grade 320 August 2012 at 17:12

      Haha. Yes. A must! Plus I think kids (and adults) enjoy anything that smells delicious!


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