We're back at it today as we link up with Blog Hoppin' to share our "Tech Tip".

Christine's Tip

Tip #1- SMARTBOARD-- My goal this past school year was to use more technology. The more I used it, the more I continued with it. One thing I did learn was that you must prep in advance to use technoloy, as you never know what will happen....

One form of technology I used this year was the "Smartboard". I started off basic, using lessons that were pre-made from this site "SmartExchange". Something I love to use is the attendance boards-- (ie. In September, the students use their finger to move their name apple to the teachers desk! Super cute!)This is a site where people post their lessons for the Smartboard for FREE!

Kaitlin's Tip

Tip #2- CPS Student Response System-- My students took a Province-Wide test this year- called EQAO. It was a paper/pencil test so I was very limited in ways to prepare in a "creative" way, as I wanted to give them exposure to multiple choice questions etc. After searching for ways to reach the students, Christine and I discovered that our board had a "CPS System", which is like similar to the "real" Jeopardy. I made questions on my laptop and hooked it up to the CPS System. I gave them small whiteboards to work out their answers and then they used the remote control to click in their answers! It was AWESOME!!! The kids LOVED using the system. As a teacher, I could program it to tell me what kids were struggling (without them knowing), and what kids were just "guessing". I recommend that everyone check out what their board has available, as it is NOT advertised that these systems are available for "teacher use."

Here are my students using their whiteboards and clickers to solve! LOVE THIS TOOL!