Therapeutic Thursday

Christine's Therapeutic Thursday....

With how busy life is and gets with home, and school, I have found that making time for "me" once a week early in the morning helps me stay in touch with myself.   Of course because it is summer and I have not been working everyday I have made this time happen more than once a week. :)

Therapeutic Thursday....set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than you need, sit with your favourite warm drink, could be coffee, tea, lemon and water, mine is coffee with milk, and do nothing. Absolutely nothing for 30 minutes.  This is harder than it sounds, because if you are like me, there are always 100 or more things you should be doing or things that need to get done. I find it is the only quiet time in my home, with the family still sleeping and I do some of my best thinking. 

Check out what others are doing to relax and rejuvenate!