A Little Math, Terry Fox and a Thanksgiving Idea

We are finishing up Sorting and Patterning this week.
As a concluding activity, the grades ones and twos made bookmarks!

Here were the expectations:

 When they completed their task, each student had to write their name on the back and create additional patterns with different attributes.

Friday at our school is the TERRY FOX RUN!
Getting ready for the special day, we read all about Terry Fox (my grade 1/2 summarized version), and then wrote about why Terry Fox is our hero.

Although we are working on our word families, letter/sound activities.... my grade ones cannot write. Soooo.... when it comes to activities such as this, we brainstorm as a group and they choose the answer they would like (filling in the blanks). They are so proud to be WRITING! hehehe.... My grade twos can write about 3-5 sentences right now (so yes, there is a HUGE gap), but definitely keeps me busy and NEVER bored haha.


As seen from previous posts, I am a huge fan of classroom books! Here is a package I put together to create a few take-homes or classroom keepers during the week of Thanksgiving.

Inside this package:
* A page for each letter of THANKSGIVING + author page
 * Thanksgiving Sight Words with clipart
* Thank You Letter Page (for kids to Guardians)
* Thank You (tags from Teacher to Students)