Independent Reading Box!

We have finally finished putting together THE INDEPENDENT READING BOX! Wahoooo! We LOVE it!

Independent Reading BoxIndependent reading is a significant portion of the Literacy Block.
This package helps make this part of the language program run smoothly—with no fuss!
Inside of this package is:
·        Instructions on how to use The Literacy Box
·        Pictures of how the covers are use/ boxes we use
·        Independent Reading Duotang Cover
·        Indepedent Reading Response Cover
·        Reading Strategy Focus explanation
·        Student Reading Interest Survey
·        Reading Interest Recording Sheet
·        Reading Record Sheet (for students to use)
·        List of Independent Reading Duotang Material
·        Reading Response Questions
·        Reading Conference Sheet
·        Choosing the Best Book (bookmark)
·        Reader Response Help Cards
If you have any questions about this Reading Box, please feel free to email us or comment below.
Click {HERE} to purchase the package!