Mrs. Edmunds' First Day of School!

After a whirlwind tour of Essex County, I have finally dropped back off at a school I was at 4 years ago. I am teaching grade 1/2! The kids were adorable coming in this morning. And I am sure we've entered the "honeymoon phase", but I don't have the spitting kid or scissor throwing kid or swearing kid--so that's good!

This year I decided to keep the colours simple and adaptable to any grade. I re-used my borders from last year and used newly created labels.

Here are a few peaks at my classroom.

Student display boards-- simple, but keeps with the colour theme and decor.
I used black and white frames from Scholars Choice

Here are some first day of school pics! What a CRAZY day! So many emotions, nerves, smiles, laughs, fear of the unknown etc......

Here are my "back to school" treats for the kids. Thank you PINTEREST!

Here are my kids drinking their "Jitter Juice" trying to get rid of their "jitters/butterflies." They said "it worked!" LOL. Love kids!

Kept it simple, but want to put these pics at the end of the year slideshow for them. I love their career choices, dreams and goals. So adorable. Definitely made me smile.
He's 6! Gotta love it!

We shall see what tomorrow brings! I have so many ideas swirling around for the year. I am excited to dive in!
On another note.... I can't wait to actually get some shut-eye tonight! Slept only a few winks last night.... just like every first day eve!