Mrs. Edmunds Week Two...

So birthdays..... I am always scrambling to get things together for a birthday treat. This week I made birthday tags and bags up for each student. Then I made a birthday wall. I can just grab the ready-made birthday treat (no stress)! Hehehe. Plus, the kids are sooooo excited!

Began Word Study-- Trying to create as many hands on activities as possible. If you have any new ideas, please comment!! :)

 The morning message is helping me keep the ones and twos together a terrific morning/language discussion!

 "No, David!"By David Shannon--> Making Connections-- Christine showed me this idea from Pinterest   We made connections to the rules in our classroom and what David COULD DO if he was in our class!

Stay tuned for birthday labels and Phys. Ed. Centers.......... :)


  1. Spelling in shaving cream is always fun. We have also done sand paper rubbings to spell words. Another easy and fun favorite is rainbow spelling. =)

    What do you have in your birthday treat bags?

    I am a newbie follower to y'alls blog and would be honored if you hopped over to visit me when you get the chance.

    Heather's Heart


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