Sunday Funday- Birthday Tags & Absent Students

Christine & I have been workin' hard this week to get things in order in both of our classrooms. After a busy 2 weeks, we are now trying to iron out the "little details" that seem to squeak by us-- like birthdays and absent students.

Some of you have asked for the tags--- So Chrisitne has made up some to share! They are awesome, and you can make them as adorable as you would like (i.e. print them on different colour cardstock, add stickers, have the kids colour their own tag....). Inside of the bag you can add anything you like! If you are REALLY lost as to what to put in them, somewhere to start is the kids birthday party section at Target or Walmart. They have lots of cute loot!

You can pick up the birthday tags here.... for FREE!

Another small detail that seems to sneak by us, is keeping absent student work organized and easy!
Inside of this folder are folder/envelope covers, to place any work the absent student is missing while he or she is away (3 different designs & layouts).

There is also a recording sheets where you can mark down page numbers, instructions or small notes for the specific student on that specific day.
No more worrying about putting aside sheets etc. Just put them in them in the homework Absent Folder/Envelope

Below is one of the absent folder designs..... there are two others, in case you want something different.
You can pick this package up here!
Have a great week, everyone!
Christine & Kaitlin (K & C)