Week 3... Wow, time is flyin'!

Can't even believe 3 weeks have gone by!

This week we are finishing up our first unit in Math. I've been trying to come up with as many hands on activities as possible!

Have you found any FUN and UNIQUE activities for Math (patterning)? Feel free to share :)

Here the kids are patterning (grade 1's with one attribute and gade 2's two or more) with foam shapes.

Word work....

Teaching secondary and primary colours--drawing and painting our unique schools of fish.

Gettin' ready to kick off our Terry Fox Week....
After showing the students pictures and books about Terry Fox and discussing his life, one of my students today- "Miss..... we can raise a lot of money and find a cure.... We can help Terry Fox get better." Too cute! :)

Found some links this week that might interest you.....

http://www.eduplace.com/kids/sv/ - Spelling and Vocabulary Activities/Games

 http://www.wordle.net/ - Great for Brainstorming/Literacy (perhaps in the computer lab).

Canadian Thanksgiving.... 2 weeks away! Ahhhh..... What are you doing for Thanksgiving in your classroom?