5 Senses Nature Walk, 4 in a Row Math & Idea Trait Writing

We started our week off enjoying the awesome weather our area was blessed with. In order to expand our senory writing, we took a little nature walk to a near by park and took in all the sights & sounds. It was such an awesome day. The kids took their handy clipboards with them and jotted down pictures and/or words about the 5 senses (minus taste).

 In math class, we have been practicing our addition (doubles and near doubles), as well as quick facts. We have been using a math game that I found at http://www.greatmathsgames.com/

You will need:
1 game board printed and laminated
1 die (yes die is the singular, dice is the plural)

Coloured counters for each player e.g. Player 1 = red Player 2 = green.
How to Play:
1. Player 1 rolls the die.
2. Player 1 answers the algorithm with the same number as shown on the die.
3. Place one coloured counter on the answered algorithm if read correctly
4. The winner is the first player to gets 4 counters in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

 The students are responsible for creating the Math Words for the Math Board. They seem more apt to use the words when they are creating them and refer to them more often.

Last week I posted our non-fiction reading and writing about "SPIDERS". Here is how ours turned out. Super cute!

I am currently teaching the "Idea Trait" to both grades. We have been working on brainstorming ideas and then putting our ideas in a cohesive piece of writing. This week we read the book "Dog's Don't Wear Sneakers" by Laura Numeroff. This book is all the silly things we do not see in our everyday lives.
I used this awesome idea from: http://writingfix.com/
The students then brainstormed their own silly ideas and presented them to class. The class then voted on the funniest. They were then given a sheet to write their funny idea and illustration. They LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this.... and laughed so hard! We will be assembling a class book this week with all of their ideas.

Here are some cute ones....... Frogs don't take x-rays.

Horses don't wear underwear.

                            Horses don't eat cheese.                     Platypus' don't ride skateboards.

Word Study: Around the room SHORT E search with a partner. I used these vowel search sheets and vowel songs (which I put into the students independent reading boxes at the beginning of each week as an additional piece of reading) from http://firstgradeowls.blogspot.ca/

Looking forward to a fun HALLOWEEN week! I will be printing off and laminating our K&C Preposition of Place Halloween Scavenger Hunt, as well as finishing our Line Art & Halloween Scene Treat Bags.... Which I will post as soon as I take some snapshots.
Have a great weekend!