While I am awaiting the arrival of some trick-or-treaters, I have decided to blog (alongside a LARGE glass of wine)! HAHA. WHAT-A-DAY!
Today was black and orange day. I decided to go with a Spider Fascinator. It was a hit. Children were telling me I had a spider on my head all day. I would scream and say "REALLY? Get it off! Get it off!" Oh the joys. 

Spider Fascinator

Since Halloween is such a crazy day, three of us decided to rotate classrooms. I planned a "preposition of place" scavenger hunt, another teacher planned sing-a-longs and the other had his wife come in (she's a librarian) to read to the kids! It was awesome! The morning flew by! The kids had a blast!

 How cute are these cookies one of the mums made!?! Adorable!

A few days ago, we started these Halloween Treat Bags... and we finished them today. One side of the bag was the Element of Design: Various Lines. On the other, the students created a halloween scene with foam pieces.

We had a student of the month/spirit assembly.... so this last activity was a last memory of the day. I took a picture this morning in our black and orange and had them developed at lunch. We decorated frames (purchased at Target) and voila!
(This was their "treat" from me :)

Tomorrow we're going to do a few Post-Halloween writing activities from blogger Heather Law. Check out some writing prompt freebies {here}. 
I am also going to have the kids create a Class Book-- "What Do Pumpkins Do After Halloween?" We'll try out our new descriptive words and get creative.

Lots of math activities done this week and throughout the next few days. I'll post about that this weekend.
Until then....

Enjoy your Halloween Night, everyone! :)