Literacy and Math Blocks

Went into the school today and cleaned things up from last week, set up centres and prepared my lessons and activities for tomorrow.  We are making butter in the class tomorrow for our pioneer unit.  I am doing a chapter study in the class with the story Little House in the Big Woods and the students are just loving the descriptive writing and how different things were back then.  The students have been making some incredible comparisons and connections.  For the butter, I am putting cream in a mason jar and having the students shake it as I read.  I have dinner rolls to eat the butter with later in the day after it has had a chance to chill. Can't wait. 

Here are the break downs of the math and literacy block I spoke of yesterday.  This really helps me to try and fit things into such a large block of time without having the students sit too long.  Let's face it, it's still grade three and they need to move.