Delicious Parts of a Story!

Ok... so it's 8-1 for the Detroit Tigers, so I guess I can sit back and relax now. hehe.
This week we worked on parts of a story {Characters, Setting, Problem & Solution}. I read the book "Enemy Pie" to the kids and then made "story pies"--some apple some pumpkin :) This kids loved it. They have replaced our fishies outside of our room-- I will post that this weekend, along with our Fall Writing Bulletin Board.

The grade ones worked on making sentences. Found some making sentence activities on Mrs. I's Class Blog:

We also began talking about the difference between Non-Fiction & Fiction texts. We read about frogs yesterday, but we going to begin a week long study on spiders.... just in time for Halloween. I have purchased Reagan Tunstall's Spider Week Package:

On another note, I had two students away in Florida the past couple weeks, so I finally got to use our Absent Student Package. It worked out awesome! I had some nice comments back from the parents saying how organized it was and easy to catch up on what their children had missed:

I'm sure I'll post more this weekend when I need to procrastinate report card writing!!


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