“The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving with passion and compassion and humor and style and generosity and kindness.”
Maya Angelou (born 1928)

Came across this the other day and with how things have been since the beginning of the school year thought this was appropriate. Lately it does feel like I am just surviving.  Which can be looked at as a good thing because it means I am keeping afloat. 

Staying afloat is all about a balance.  Finally in the classroom things are starting to balance out.  Routines are finally established and the students are starting to make simple transitions from one activity to the next without the loss of time. It was hard not to compare this year to last year and to be disappointed. I was at this stage by the end of September not the end of October.  Don't give up if things aren't just there yet, it happened for me and it will for you. I am including copies of my reading and writing block and a math block I have come up with. These have really helped me make the best use of large blocks of time. (when i say including them, I mean they will be up tomorrow, as I have left them at my school and will upload the pictures of them when I go in to plan)  Up until now we maybe have accomplished half of what I set out to do in a day.  Lately with the quicker transition we can accomplish more.  The students seem to have little time to get bored and like the movement from one activity/assignment to the other.  I have included some pictures of my word centres that I bought last year from Miss Nelson called Spelling and Word Work 102.  The students just love them and complete one rotation in just about 10 minutes.  

~ Christine ~