This Week in Grade 1/2... Science, Descriptive Writing and a Little Math.

This week was another busy one. I am sure I will be singing that tune all year, as it doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. Probably my fault, as I am a little anal when it comes to planning and making sure both grades get the most out of their year (despite the split).

This week we added some descriptive writing to our Fall Tree paintings (see last weeks post). Together, we brainstormed things we see and hear throughout the season. The kids shocked me and came up with AWESOME words and ideas. I created a grade one and grade two sheet writing sheet.

Our morning messages this week were all about editing. I tried to use words that I often see spelt wrong in their work so that they begin to recognize their own errors.

Each week we have been creating at least one reading response entry as a class. We have started very basic (as you can see below). Each week, we read a new book and begin to add more detail to our responses. Next week the plan is to make a pie craftivity and start finding big ideas in the book Enemy Pie.

Finally getting a partial grip on both science curriculums. Grade Ones are studying Daily & Seasonal Changes and Grade Twos, Air & Water in the Environment.

Below is the brainstorm I did with the grade ones. We learned about the months of the year and what types of weather we see. They then made a book entitled "My House All Year Long," which I found on the teacher wife blog.

The grade twos worked on "keeping our air clean." We went outside and hid 10 cue cards around the school yard. We left them there for a week. This week we went to find them.... only a few cards survived. We took them inside and investigated them. Below are some of our results and our "lab report". Hehe...

In math, we have begun working in our Math Journals. A key element in making my math program work is having one grade working on these journals, while I teach a lesson to the other. I also get to see how they think independently to solve different problems. I have created a package of October Math Journal Prompts thatI use on a daily basis with my grade ones & twos. You can pick them up {HERE}.

Have a great weekend, everyone! :)