This week in Grade 1/2

A busy week... yet again. I am wondering when this "stuck in a tornado" feeling is going to pass. I have taught combined classes in the past.... but this is OH so different!! There is such a large gap between the two grades right now, that I honestly feel like all I ever do is plan, plan, plan! I am hoping a feeling of calm and ease will come upon me by Christmas!

Nevertheless, the days must go on.
Here are a few things we dove into this past week.

Thanksgiving Cards/Letters mailed to our parents.

Finger painted turkeys
 Word Study activities...

Making words out of "GRATEFUL"

Our class was chosen to take part in the 12 O'Clock walk with the Mayor of our town-- Promoting healthy lifestyles. 

Nibby was a favourite as always!

A little Zumba too! :)
Here is the entrance of our classroom. The fish will be changed this week, as we embrace the cooler temperatures of Fall.

 This week we began painting our Fall Trees found on .
They turned out GREAT!

Thanksgiving Placemats-- We Are Thankful List alongside symbols of Thanksgiving.

After enjoying some time with family and friends, Christine and I plan on creating physical education centers on Monday (day off in Canada), that can be used throughout the year! Check back soon! Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians! :)