60 Minutes of Math

It has taken me a few years now to attempt to iron out a 60 minute math period. I am still learning.... BIG TIME. Last year we were given a big push towards Open Response Math.

What are Open Response Questions?
Open Response Questions allow for differentiation. It allows students at varying levels show what they are capable of and how they learn and think. You can still highlight the kids that are way off and need additional support, but it also allows the students who need  the opportunity to show/ do more, that chance.

Math is a subject that most kids either LOVE or HATE. I am really trying to help my kids LOVE it, since I was one of those kids that wasn't particuarly fond of Math. I never remember having FUN in math class. Now, as a teacher, I teach the way I wish I was taught. I LOVE math now and I am always excited to teach it.

My Math is broken into 3 parts:
1.) BEFORE – ACTIVATION, MINDS-ON- I usually use Math Journals or mini-group problems to get them thinking. It might be a concept from the day(s) prior or I may want to tap into their prior exposure/prior knowledge. This month I am using these math journal questions. Here is a sample of the questions I use: 

I cut them up and the kids glue them into their Math Journals.

-I usually teach a concept and then assign a group problem and/or independent work.

Here is the group problem the kids worked on today:

- I have been trying to bring the kids back together to summarize what we have learned and check orally if they are understand what we did in math class.
-Sometime we'll play a quick game, use flash cards or review key terms.

{Here} are some open response math journals that I created that can be used in your classroom tomorrow!

23 Journal Questions are in this package!

Specific Focus On:
2D Shapes
Open Response Questions

How do you run your Math Period?
Happy Monday!!!