Post-Halloween & This Coming Week

WHAT-A-WEEK.... Halloween on a Wednesday should be illegal! The week felt like 10 days... and with the rain and 9 indoor recesses, it could of well been 10 days!

Anywho....we stayed busy and tried to stay sane.
We finished the week off with some Post-Halloween writing.

1.) Descriptive Words-- Using a Halloween Treat to create a "list" of descriptive words to describe our treat using 4 of the senses- (see, feel, smell, taste).

2.) Creative Writing (Focus on: Organizing our ideas)
 What does your Jack-o-Lantern do after Halloween?
The kids came up with some AWESOME and creative ideas! Super cute!

Grade 2-  "After Halloween my pumpkin flys to a beach, when nobody is looking. Then he buys an umbrella and a milkshake and relaxes in the sun."

This week we will be continuing with 2D Shapes. I found a fun and engaging 2D unit from: Amy Owen.

We created name for each of the shapes so that the students have an easier time remembering them.
For example:
Pete the Pentagon
Rhonda the Rhombus
Oscar the Octagon...
I am in the midst of creating a November Math Journal Package... so check back soon. I hope to have it done by the end of the weekend.

Getting a start on Remembrance Day.....
Read Aloud
"Maybe Tomorrow"-- Actions and Song (we're performing in front of the school on the 11th), so I try to post the song/lyrics soon.

Visual Art
Three Dimesional Poppy accompanied with a 5W poem (organization trait writing).

I will post some pictures of these activities later on in the week....

Have a great weekend! Off to rake some leaves!