Remembrance Day Success!

We finished our Remembrance Day visual art activity.  They turned out so great.  The students felt like they were making masterpieces, which they were!!!!

I mentioned the site I got the idea from in the previous email. We followed the instructions exactly until it came to the poppies. Then we pulled from our q-tip painting tress from the end of October and made poppies the same way.  Dipping one end in red paint and making 4 dots and using the other end for the black dot in the middle. As you can see-AMAZING!

Random Act of Kindness day was a hit and the students really spent time doing nice things for each other in the class. I think their favourite activity that day other than pulling a name from a hat at the start of it, was making the bookmarks for their buddy.  I had the laminating machine in the classroom and they were amazed by the finished products.

This week is the start to our school wide anti-bullying week and the RAK day was a great lead into how to be a good friend and put a stop to bullying. We brainstormed what makes a good poster today in class and the students worked on anti-bullying posters for a school wide contest. I will post finished products tomorrow, the ideas they are coming up with are so creative.

Here are some pictures of the Remembrance Day Art.