Snowman Writing Activity and Craft!

It is finally ready. We put a lot of LOVE into this writing and craft package!

This week long writing activity provides many opportunties for students to get creative, while hitting many writing expectations.

This creative writing activity is centered around the snowman and how he/she melted. Students use their imagination to create a story of what happened.

Before beginning to write, the students can enter into the writing process.

1.) Character Trait Lesson/Brainstorm
2.) Character Profiles (Have students work in groups, as a class or independently to read or create character profiles/ learn about character traits)
3.) Story Brainstorm & Planner (various brainstorm pages)4.) Story Timeline (various timeline choices)5.) Write the story (different types of lines for all learners)

* Bonus- Craft to accompany story
-Step by step craft with easy instructions and pictures for each step. Easy to set up craft centers for students to work independently (and you can rotate as students work at their own pace) or can be done as a whole group.
Here are some sample slides of this 57 page package!

It's on sale right now! You can pick it up {HERE}.

Have a great week!!

~Kaitlin & Christine~


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