Weekly Round Up!

 It's almost here.... FRIDAY! :)
We are finishing 2D shapes. This year I am trying to add a combination of stands together, so that I am just not teaching "one area of a focus" for a snapshot of time. For example- we made shapes spinners and the kids named the shape they landed on and then coloured in a bar on the bar graph. They totalled up the shapes they spun the most and the least. When Data Management comes around, the kids will at least have a heads up on what's going on. 

The kids are LOVING the Star Student Week!! Their favourite day of their week so far is the reading of their "note from home" and "buddy lunch."
You can take a look at our Star Student Package. {HERE}.
Love it! :)

Tomorrow is Random Act of Kindness Day and we are also commemorating Remembrance Day. Here is the craft and writing activity (5W Poem) we created this week. The 5W poem was centered around what THEY could do at school to spread peace and kindness. You can download a free templete of this 5W poem {HERE}. We will also be singing and performing our actions to MAYBE TOMORROW. The lyrics are below.

You can also take a peak at what Christine and I will be using in our classes tomorrow to make the most of R.A.K. Day :)
Check it out {here}.

This week we also are wrapping up our Science units. Each grade is completing a final "CYCLE" diagram. The grades ones are working on: The Cycle of Change/Seasons/Trees and the grade twos are working on: The Water Cycle.




  1. Your shape activity looks great. I love the water cycle activity too! Have you made a water cycle retelling bracelet before? It is super cute and fun. =)

    Heather's Heart

  2. Thanks, Heather.
    I haven't made a water cycle retelling bracelet... what is this?

  3. Here is a link that is similar to the ones we made. I had my kiddos make a book that went along with it.


    I hope this helps. =)

    Heather's Heart

  4. Hehe. Cute!! Thanks for sharing, Heather!


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