It is the last week of school before Christmas Holidays, and all students are stirring with excitement. I have so much planned and still so much to do. We made our stockings today and hung them by the chimney with care.  I made them out of handled craft bags, some dollar store ribbon and because we are working on character traits, the students made acrostic poems to decorate the front of them.  They turned out very rustic and beautiful.
First, we traced a stocking outline on the paper bag.  Next, we cut it out, and held it together with a paperclip.  Then, we punched holes around the outside of it with a hole puncher.  The students then decorated them with their acrostic poems. Some used stamps for the first letters of their names, other used stencils or just made fancy letters. Finally, they laced ribbon through the holes.  Voila, you have a beautiful stocking and handles to hang and carry it. 
We have also been doing lots of writing the past couple of weeks and these fish bowls have come in very handy in helping the students with word choice.  They are the ones coming up with the choices and I find they use these fish bowls more than when I put words on chart paper or the chalk board.  They love to go fishing for words their friends have come up with.
The way this interactive board works is that the words on the fish bowl are not to be used in their writing.  I have put them in a "Word Jail" . When I come across any of these "plain" words in their writing I will send them to go fishing for a better more exciting word choice. The students are thrilled to come up with new fish for these bowls. 
Tomorrow is Snowman Ornament making and naming day.
The students will then be doing some writing from our snowman writing package.
 Later this week we are doing :
  Santa will be visiting the classroom on Thursday night when the students are sleeping to fill their stocking with a literacy treat. :)
Good luck this week everyone! 
It is a week to be Thankful for what we have, and to have prayers in our hearts.