I cannot believe Christmas is in 5 days. Oh my goodness. The week has flown by! The kids have been awesome. I think the lack of REALLY cold weather this year and sans-snow has helped. It doesn't seem as "Christmasy".

Here's a look at what went on this week. Definitely going to put a few ideas away for next year, as there are just TOO MANY awesome ideas to try! Love this time of year.

This week I dug up my Mission Impossible music and my kids enjoyed our Elf Impossible Phys. Ed. Centers. ADORABLE. They had a great time and got a great sweat-on.

 We also did a little painting. I found this idea from The Artisit Woman. Just love her ideas!

This is how the kids began. I had them draw a circle in the middle of their pages and then use blue paint in circular motions.

 They filled in all of the white space....
Then they added some turquoise and other blues to the blue paint (once it was dry).
They cut out and traced a Nativity Scene and then added some purple--- to look like grass below the white center circle.
And Voila.... Beautiful!

We also made snowman ornaments (wearing their earmuffs).
This years gift was a $5.00 Scholastic Gift Card to purchase a book from the book order form in the New Year.
I wrapped their ornament and their Gift Card.... and added a bell (as we have been taking the Polar Express and visiting many different countries for Christmas Around the World).

 Weeeeww..... what a week.

Tomorrow ......

Story Tree Writing
Watching the Polar Express-- A celebration of our return trip around the world!