Twas the night before Friday...

DECEMBER.... oh how I love thee. December has got to be one of the best months to teach. There is so much energy & fun activities planned, you can't help but smile.
Here's what went on this week.
We began a mini-MONEY-unit. With 2 weeks left, money, addition and subtraction are on the menu.
Here is our math corner this week.

Here are some group math problems that I had the kids work on. Love this organizer. It allows 4 kids to work on one problem. When time is up, the students in the group share their best ideas, which go into the middle of the organizer.

 The kids are still talking about the Hot Chocolate Writing.  Here were the curriculum expectations we met, as well as their goal (success criteria) in order to complete this activity.

Read some great books this week to spark some more imaginative writing using VOICE

 In Social Studies, we have started our Polar Express- Christmas Around the World Tour. Haven't uploaded the pics yet, but SOOOO happy I decided to do this with the kids. They are so excited every time they see "Social Studies" on the visual schedule. So far, we have made our suitcases, filled out our passports and made our first stop in Mexico. The kids learned about unique traditions and we listened to a great mariachi band, while we made our unique Poinsetta's.
Needing some great Phys. Ed. centers this month? This activity is all set for the holidays. It runs itself and the students are so engaged you will enjoy the sound of the students out of breath from raising their heart beats and the roof with laughter and fun!

This package can be used in your school gymnasium or in the school yard.

This package includes:
*Instructions to the centres
*5 activity mission impossible statement cards
*Glossary of explanations for movements