Are You Sure That Was Only One Week?

First week back.... Felt like 5! HAHAHA. I can't even remember what I did last weekend!
It was a great week, nonetheless!

The week started off with a toast to the New Year. Grape Juice in plastic wine glasses, with the finest animal cracker hors d'oeuvres. The kids were overjoyed!

We refeshed our rules and classroom procedures, and then dove into some goal setting-- Reading Style!
Our Winter Reading Challenge has been launched. 

Here are some of there goals that were attached to their tracking sheets.
The reading response sheets are on display and easy to access at the front of the room. This package has all 6 sheets included. Some are geared for fiction and some for non-fiction. I am VERY impressed with the responses so far. The parents have even wrote the children reminders to pick up a new response sheet in the morning. So cute! Very happy with how it's going :)
Here is the students recording sheet and goals.
Next week I am beginning our Data Management Unit.... so this week was a week of review centers.
I purchased Amy Lemons' Easy as 1-2-3- Math Centers. They were awesome!!! Here are a few pics of a great week of math exploration!
Put Me in Order! -ordering random numbers 1-120
True or False, Addition Style-identifying correct and incorrect addition sentences
Identifying 2D shapes and their attributes/matching
Missing addend-solving addition sentences with a missing addend
Read and Find-reading number words, identifying numbers on a 120s chart, identifying even/odd
Subtract and Sort -students solve subtraction problems and sort into even/odd groups
Our reading focus this month is "INFERENCING".
I taught a week of mini-lessons....
I used these youtube clips and paused them to have the students "infer" what was going on/how the characters were feeling.... etc. The kids loved it! :)

With the snow quickly melting, I thought this would be the perfect time to create and write about our "Melted Snowmen".
You can pick up our Melted Snowman Package {HERE}

On Monday we're going to add some arms and create our snowman-melting-timelines.
The students will begin with a brainstorm... creating an imaginative story on how their snowman REALLY melted. And it wasn't the sun.... Hmmm.... Should be fun :)
This weekend is REPORT CARD weekend..... but I also purchased some great books this week.
Can't wait to brainstorm and create some great activities to accompany them :)