Cookie Survey, Fiction and Non-Fiction and Inferencing Fun!

Week 2 after Christmas Break.....
A refresher on Non-Fiction & Fiction texts.
Reviewed and created this chart below, using photcopies of portions of the book (i.e. Table of Contents, Index etc.)
I guided the students through the classroom library book selections showing examples of Fiction and Non-Fiction Texts. I am really trying to get them use to read both types, as often as possible.

The kids used our recent book orders to sort them into two piles *Fiction and Non-Fiction.
They not only looked at the covers, but had to read the mini-synopsis of what the book was about.

 We started our Data Management Unit.
We did a few days of basic tallying and graphing-- (i.e. Number of siblings each student had--each student received a block and click it together to create the class bar graph).

Later in the week we had a cookie taste test/survey. In keeping with our read alouds- "If you give a mouse a cookie"..... we created a survey entitled "If you give a grade 1/2 student a cookie"...

The students drew their cookie of choice and added it to their grade level graph.
Here our results!
I used Erica Bohrer's Graphtivity to create this cute result page and mouse :)
Our reading focus this month is "inferencing". Since my stundets are 6 and 7 years old, I decided to teach inferencing with a focus on "clues." Part of inferring is discovering the authors clues in their writing. So, my students' task was to bring in or find an object around the room, put it in their paper bags and write clues on a cue card. I told the students that if their clues were written well, then their classmates should be able to guess.... which is what good writers do.... create strong clues to guide their readers.
Once the clues were written, I divided the students into pairs and gave them inferencing bag clue sheets (see below). I read the clues aloud, and each pair of student made a guess. Some clues were very well written, while others students were able to recognize that their writing was not clear enough. It was an awesome activity.
{HERE} is the inferencing bag recording sheet.

Update on Winter Reading Challenge.....
The students and parents are LOVING this challenge.... and I am VERY impressed with the results and how well the students are writing about their books.
I meet with 5-8 students during independent reading time, and review their thoughts and ideas about their books. It allows me a chance to talk to students about their interests, writing techniques and comprehension.
Lots planned for next week! Stay tuned for a great Valentine's Day Feebie and some Phys. Ed. Centers to get the HEART beating :)

Report Card writing continues this weekend! Wahooooo!
Enjoy your weekend.