Groundhogs & Some Football!

Welcome February!
Get ready, folks. February is always a BUSY, BUSY, BUSY month! Black History Month, Groundhog Day, SuperBowl, Chinese New Year, 100th Day & Valentines Day! Lots of planning ahead! :)

This blog is all over the place today... but here we go...

Here are a few snapshots of this week.
I tested out our "Heart Pumping" phys. ed. centers... and they were a hit! The kids were smiling the entire time and got a great workout. 

I puchased a few pylons and put a slit at the top.
Easy to insert center card!

Pick them up {HERE}!
 We're still working on our Data Management Unit. This week we worked on Pictographs. Each student got a chance to participate (as you can see below). We also created a pictograph of our SuperBowl predictions!

I usually introduce this Word Study Center earlier in the year, but with grade one this year, I waited.
The students use their word rings and buddy up to practise their words.
One student shows their buddy they word, the buddy reads it, writes it down and the partner checks it. They get 2 chances to spell it correctly and then their partner spells is out for them.

I am going to create new boards this week-- so stay tuned for some free files.

SCIENCE-- In the midst of creating a new Energy Unit for my first graders!
It's coming along! Stay posted :)
Tomorrow is going to be devoted to Groundhog Day and some SuperBowl Actvities.

Since we're working on Long and Short Vowels, when reading, I am planning to use Positively Learning's SuperBowl Sorting Cards. Take a peak at this blog here.
Christine has also purchased a super cute media literacy writing pack (newspaper writing) from Falling Into First.
We will also be using it for word work, non-fiction facts and more!
You can find it on TPT {HERE}
Other great read alouds I have used this week:

It's almost the weekend! Happy Thursday! :)