Rolling into a New Year

Yup! It's about that time again! Time to roll into a New Year and head back to school! Ugh. I know a lot of you have already headed back today and have that fresh start in the books... But for those of you who haven't, are you not savouring the last few days, or what!?

Went into school today to tidy up and get organized. I pitched a lot of things, as I am really trying to go completely digital in terms of resources.

Here are a few things I am introducing and re-introducing to my class on Monday:

When I taught grade 3, I introduced these "How Do You Spell" Pockets early on in the year, but now with a 1/2 combined class, I am trying to slow down and give them what they can handle.
I laminated 26 library pouches that I found at a local teachers store, glued upper and lowercase letters on each, laminated the pockets and added a magnet to the back. Then I added a cue card with the letter one it. Whenever the students need a word spelt for them, they grab the card from the pouch to see if it is on there..... If not, I will write it on for them. This really teaches them independence --as using the dictionary is a little too much for them right now. 

The students each have their own Independent Reading Box that they grab after morning announcements.
We have been using these boxes since September, but this month I am going to re-introduce how to properly use it (*2 weeks off can clear the mind). I am also going to introduce a Winter Reading Challenge which I will show some pics of next week.
You can purchase our Independent Reading Box Kit {HERE}

December 26th Snow....

We finally have snow here, so it's the perfect time to introduce some winter reads-- Fiction and Non-Fiction selections.

I am also finally going to begin our Melted Snowman Writing and Craft in these upcoming weeks! Very excited for these :)
Christine and I are also working on creating Winter Math Journals, Winter Phys. Ed. Centers and hopefully a unit on Money.
The Winter Math Journals should be up by Monday, to start the school year with some extra practice, while we all get back in the grove of things :)
Have a WONDERFUL first day back, everyone!