Winter Math Journals Are Ready!

Why use Math Journal Prompts? We use math journal prompts in our classroom in order to develop independent thinking  and problem solving skills.
In this package we have created a wide variety of questions. Some require a specific answer, while others encourage children to develop their problem solving abilities (open response questions).
How to Use: Students receive a question to glue into their math workbooks/journals. They work independently or in a small group trying to solve the problem.
In this package we have included 21 math prompts with a focus on:
1 & 2-Digit Addition (8 Questions)
Subtraction (3 Questions)
Shapes (2 Questions)
Money (3 Questions)
Time (2 Questions)
Estimating (2 Questions)
BASIC Division (1 Question)
Please note- Some of these problems are open ended—so some of your students might be able to show you many ways to solve (ie. Using addition, subtraction, multiplication.... depending).

You can pick them up {HERE} to take a peak at some preview thumbnails or to purchase.

Students can work on problems in a group format like this below:
Students can also work independently in a scribbler or math book:
We hope that these journals can help add an additional assessment to your math program or help show what students are thinking at a higher level and those who may need additional support.


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