Winter Reading Challenge

Winter Reading Challenge
Kick the Winter independent reading blues goodbye!

Some of you may have an “at home or nightly” reading program or an independent reading component to your literacy program.... And now it’s January and you/we need to rev it up a bit! Here is where the challenge comes in!
This is challenge that is very simple, yet very motivating.
Every year we ask kids to make goals and then never follow up with them or teach them ways to monitor their goals. Here is a way!
This package includes:
        A note is sent home explaining the challenge (if you want to)
        Step by step instructions of how the challenge works
        Student challenge goal cards
        Snowglobe or Snowflake recording sheet & stamps to accompany- put challenge on display (easy to monitor success)
        6 reading response sheets for Fiction & Non Fiction books
        2 Winter Reading Challenge Student/Teacher Conference Sheets
        Certificate of completion
Have fun... And continue embracing the joy of reading!
Please email us if you have questions :)