Writing for a Purpose & Making Good Inferences

We are experiencing extreme cold temperatures here in Ontario, Canada (colder than normal). Because of the frigid temps, our students have been indoors ALL WEEK.
All I gotta say "TGTF" (Thank Goodness Tomorrow is Friday)!
Here's a peak at went on this week...

The week began on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Although we do not have this date designataed as a Holiday in Canada, this day is too important not to discuss. I purchased this picture book a few weeks ago. It's a great picture book for younger students. My students responded very well. They just could not believe that people would treat other people that way.

After a read aloud and a great discussion with my students, we created a list of things we would like to see changed in our world.
The students created this list:

The students chose 1 of their dreams and wrote about why they would want this dream to come true. Hopefully in their lifetime, these dreams will actually come true.

We also worked on finising our written portion of our melted snow man activity.
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Later this week we began our "writing for a purpose". The kids did a mini-persuasive writing activity.
They came up with 4 things they would like to convince me to do:
They wrote what they would like to persuade me to allow them to do. They gave 4 or more reasons why I should let them bring toys to school, have phys. ed. everyday, do crafts daily or choose their own partner all the time.

Our reading activities this month center around "inferencing".
Today I gave the students portions of a wordless picture book. The students had to make inferences just from looking at the picture. After they completed their inferences, I showed them the pictures in the book and we put together our ideas and checked our inferences.

A Valentine Keepsake Freebie and some Valentine Gym Centers should be up on the blog this weekend! Check back in soon!