Chinese New Year, Media Project & Energy!

We've been busy the past few weeks preparing some engaging units for the weeks and months ahead.

Chinese New Year is this coming Sunday. We have compiled a mini package that includes:
*a cut out for the money pouches with a snake seal
*a summary of the holiday to read to students
*some sequencing pages that the students can order into a book
*a step by step snake craft
*a Venn diagram for students to compare the American/Canadian New Year’s with the Chinese New Year
*Comprehension fill in the blank sheet for students. 

My students began the craft (in the pkg) today, so that we can have it ready for Thursday (Friday is a PD day for them).

You can pick this Chinese New Year Mini Package HERE

FREEBIE-- This fun and easy activity can be something your students can do independently or in small groups. Word Scrabble is an activity that invites all levels of learners to participate. 
Click HERE to pick it up!
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 A Language Activity
Our curriculum includes Media Literacy. We have created a Media Lit Project pack.
This package contains lessons on what makes a good ad, as well an idea web, graphic organizer, paragraph template and more.
 New Science Unit {Heat, Light & Sound}
We were getting very tired of paper/pencil acitivities. Where's the FUN!? We have created a jam packed Energy Unit. I have been using it for my grade ones and they are loving the experiments! We put on our lab coats (White Paint Shirts) and get to work!
Click HERE to pick it up :)

My grade twos are studying Simple Machines. I am working on a complete unit for the kiddos, but it's takin' some time :) Today, the kids did a (sort of) scavenger hunt, where they had to search around the room to find "real life" simple machines. HERE are the sheets to download :)
This month I have been working on Digraphs with my students. I have been using these "Read and Write Around the Room" sheets. It's funny how such a simple activity can get kids so excited. It's definitely a little friendly challenge. All kids are able to participate, because this activity can be done with all learners.  You download the pages for free {HERE}.

Lots on the go this week! Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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