Media Lit, Measurement & Word Choice Writing

This week I finally got to use our New Media Literacy Project with my kiddos. Christine found a great website on the net:   We used this to talk about how products appeal to us. We had many discussions and made various products using the Smartboard and this site. They LOVED it. We made a "design team" and had a "staff meeting" before our own independent projects began. We brainstormed ideas and expectations and then dove into our new Juice Box creations.
 The students brainstormed and then they created their draft design (sheets are in our pkg).

Loved the names they created. Here are a few-- Citrus Blast....
The Doctor's Juice... Rainbow Smiles
In Math, we began our measurement unit. My grade one's used blocks to measure with last year (SK), so I needed to transition them from there. After a week of looking at a centimetre, we discussed how each of their blocks were actually 2cm. When they measured, they counted by 2's. I gave both my grade ones and twos the option to use blocks (1cm & 2cm Blocks), rulers or metre sticks.

Below are some pictures of an activity called "Metric Me" by Jackie Higgins on TPT. Click {Here} to grab a copy. 
Next week I have some measurement scavenger hunts set up. I will try my best to take some pics and pass along some links this week.

Writing--My class is working on Word Choice {6+1 Writing Traits}. I have created a Working with Word Choice package. Check it out :) Pictures coming soon.....
Check out a prior post {HERE} on "Fishin' for a New Word" board in your classroom. Very cute... and easy to make :)