Week In Review

Oh February.... You are a busy one!
This week my grade 1/2 students dove into our Science Units. The Grade 1's Brainstormed about light sources that we use during the day and night and the Grade 2's went on a Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt!

Grade One
Grade Two

 The Grade One creation of Light Sources Anchor Chart for our classroom Science Board.
The Grade Two creation of Simple Machine Classroom Hunt Anchor Chart for our classroom Science Board.

The students met at the two chart chart papers to discuss their ideas and brainstorms and then made an anchor chart with the gathered ideas.
Groundhog Day! Here is our cute craftivity by Falling Into First

Here was our SuperBowl Pictograph! The 2 students that picked the Ravens were pumped! HAHA.

This past Thursday, my class celebrated Chinese New Year!
The Year of the SNAKE! :)
Here was the patterning snake craft we made {it is from our Chinese New Year Mini Unit}
 I also made the kids a little Chinese New Year Celebration Pack. Inside was a mandarin, fortune cookie, red envelope with gold (chocolate coin) and a mini review of the day!

 Here was the symbol anchor chart we made as a class. These symbols were also in our mini unit pack.

This week is another busy one!
Monday -(100th Day of School)
We have made a package that makes things simple! No more searching around for things to fill the day. The day goes by in a second.... Why waste time and money?
Check it out HERE
Tuesday- Shrove or Fat Tuesday
Pancakes with Class!

Wednesday- Ash Wednesday
Plus, loonie or toonie for local hospital day

Thursday- Valentine's Day
(more to come about this day)

Friday- RECOVER and try to get back into regular routine!