I know we all have students we want to brag about.  I walk into my classroom each day and notice improvements in reading, writing, behaviour, communication and social skills.
Our board has been pushing open ended questions in all subjects but lately focusing on applying these type of questions to Math.  I wanted to share with you a test one of my students made in class during her spare time.
At the beginning of each new unit in Math the class participates in some "Good Math Questions".  These open ended questions give me some insight to where the students prior knowledge lies.  I was introduced to this book in a workshop last year and  have been using it as my go to book for my questions. The students are aware of what good questions look and sound like, and we record our answers in our "Good Questions" workbooks. 
Lately, I have been using questions the students ask or come up with on our unit tests and quizzes.  The students recognise the questions on the test and are thrilled to be acknowledged for their work.  Last week during an indoor recess, one of my students worked on making a quiz for Math.  I try an incorporate and point out connections to other subjects when I teach, to give the class the real life reasons of why we learn and teach what we do in school.  I was just so impressed with this quiz, because first of all she did it in her spare time, secondly she has included open ended questions, and cross curricular links.  I was so impressed with it, I had her make a good copy and used it as the actual quiz for our unit.

So what was the end result of doing this?  Well lets just say, Children inspire Children, and Children inspire ME.   I had overwhelming support from the class on how much fun it was writing this student's quiz.  I have had two other students on their own create a test in different areas of study since.  Below is the test the student made.  Maybe this is something you might want to model in your class, or share as a story to inspire some of the same greatness.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter Weekend.  We made cute Easter Bunny Bags out of paper plates on Thursday.  I filled them with a kinder egg and some chewy fruit snacks.  They were a hit and made for a charming end to a busy week. 
I have informed my students that when they come back to school after the holidays that we are going to get down to business!.... AND THAT WAS NO APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!! 

It is National Poetry month, Earth awareness month, and Autism Awareness month. We are hosting as a school the Poetry Contest we made and are using the EARTH DAY AWARENESS as our theme.  Winners are to be announced on April 22nd EARTH DAY!   I want to Thank my administration for supporting this contest and I look forward to all the student entries.  I would certainly recommend this to any school.  I looked for a contest for the younger students and had a hard time finding one for the age group.  So when you can't join them, make your own. lol lol
So that is exactly what we did.  Made our own contest to participate in.

Happy Holidays. Don't forget to check out our