The Friday before March break the students and I prepared dough for pretzels and made very special prayer cards for the students to put under their pillows at night.  I found this great Lenten idea at  So I made a template an hour before I left for school and wow what a great activity.  The students were so engaged, as they always are when we work with food.  They did an incredible job of molding the dough and twisting it into pretzel shapes.  The finger print doodles turned out so amazing. I have included some pictures of our finished products.

The week of March Break flew by and Kaitlin and I were busy, busy, busy.  We finished some exciting packages that we can't wait to use.  April is national poetry month and just in time we have created a 42 page poetry unit that teaches 8 different styles of poems.  I plan on using them as centers for the month of April. We are working on an Earth Day Poetry package that will compliment this poetry unit, as well as a Poetry Challenge for your class :) Stay tuned!
Hope your first day back was a great as mine.  
Thanks for reading.