Preparing for Easter

In order to prepare the students for Holy Week, I sent the children home with some 'specific' reading homework this week. This picture bible for kids is GREAT {luckily we have a class set}! It is super kid friendly and easy to read. It kicked off a wonderful week of discussion, prayer and activity!
On Monday (following Palm Sunday), we read from our children's bible, discussed and then created our very own palm branches. The kiddos took them home what evening and read the corresponding bible reading. It was a good visual reminder :)

In Math, we have just begun studying Mass and Capacity. The students were each given a yellow and green sticky to take home on their agendas. Their homework was to find 5 liquids (mL/L) and 5 solids (g/kg). Upon returning, they added their findings to our anchor chart. It was a great way to start thinking about Liquids and Solids-- and create a home/school connection.

One of the read alouds this week was
"The Easter Bunny's Assistant" by Jan Thomas.
We are working on "using examples from the text to support our answers", so our reading response focused on just that.

We continued with a litte bit of poetry this week..... mostly writing our good copies of our acrostic poems. Next week Cinquain! I am using our poetry unit as a guide :)

We finished the week off with making Prayer Rocks.
The kids LOVED this activity!
Each student chose a rock and painted it one colour. Once dry, each student added designs or patterns.

 Finally, students added a word or name to their rock. It was very cute! I laminated the Prayer Rock Prayer, added a little treat and this is what they each took home as their "Easter Gift". I kept it very simple this year. And I am glad I did :) The kids enjoyed this and were very appreciative.

 I am looking forward to a restful 4 day weekend :)
Have a wonderful Easter!