Reading, Writing, Media Lit and MORE!

This week in Grade 1/2
We are working on finding the "Main Idea" when reading.

Here are a few things we did...
Main Idea Tables- The main idea is written on the top of the table and the details to support that idea are written on the legs of the table. Pick up a free template for these tables HERE.

For example, we read the book "The Snowy Day." The Main Idea was "Peter likes snow". The details included all of the things he did in the snow (ie. Made smiling snow angels & slid down snow covered hills).
Main Idea Stickies (see above). My kids wrote their main idea on a thought bubble sticky (found these at Michael's in the $1.50 bin) and placed them on the chart paper. We reviewed each main idea and determined if it was accurate or not and why.
We finished up our Media Literacy Activity-- Juice Box Creations. You can pick this pack up HERE.

 Our focus this month in writing has been "Word Choice". Here are some activities.
Descriptive word brainstorm and setence creation.
 We enjoyed Tootsie Pops and did the same.

 We enjoyed a few mini marshmallows and continued to create strong and descriptive words.
You can pick up some Word Choice activities HERE.
Today we recorded our reading reponses on the iPads. WOW WOW WOW.... what a difference. I love using our reading response notebooks, but I struggle with this from time to time, as students who aren't great writers never can seem to write their thinking down clearly. This activity really allowed me to evaluate their thoughts a lot better.

 In Science, my grade ones have been studying ENERGY.
This experiment with tea in included in our ENERGY PACK and my kiddos loved it!
Each experiment also come with experiment sheets for the students to complete.

 Visual Arts-- We created Birch Tree Paintings.
I found this idea at Deep Dark Sparkle- HERE. Love, love, love her ideas!
We discussed warm and cool colours and created a background (sky).
We created birch trees with black paint and used a small piece of a paper plate to add the "bark" (black paint slits) onto the trees.

 I set up WARM and COOL paint stations and the kids painted away. They love painting! :) What kid doesn't?!

And voila!
"Birch Trees and a Warm Sky"
"Brich Trees and a Cool Sky"
By Grade 1/2 E

Have a great weekend :)
1 more week until MARCH BREAK! Wahoooo!