The Week Before Spring Break!

The week before Spring Break (March Break) is always an interesting one! Keeping the kids focused and on task, with the thought of vacations and sleep in days looming in the back of everyones mind is a challenge!
Here is how some of our week played out.....
After Math Class this week (Measurement Unit), we played Math Games. All the games were practising their previous learned skills. Some of the games included Roll & Remove, Addition & Subtraction War, Race to a Hundred and Race From One Hundred. The kids were very focused and had a great time.

SCIENCE-- My grade one's are continuing to their unit on ENERGY.
This week we did a Heat Experiment involving Popcorn! They LOVED it!

My grade two's took their Simple Machines Quiz and are now in the process of finishing their Marshmallow Launchers. I would have LOVED to finish them before the break, but something always comes up and the week was nutso!
They made a blue print and the construction is in its last phase..... Stay Tuned!

 St. Patrick's Day falls on the last day of our break from school, so this week we read many books and completed many writing prompts to celebrate.
Here are some of the books we read:

We used this story planner freebie from the Teacher Idea Factory.

Here are a few of our writing prompts:
People in our lives are worth more than gold. Who in your life is worth more than gold and why?
We wrote our ideas in our "writing ideas book" and then did our good copy on this template freebie from The Teacher Wife (love, love, love her stuff!)

How would you catch a Leprechuan? (procedural writing).
 The students also decorated Leprechaun Hat's out of styrofoam cups. (I found this idea on Becca and Stephanie's Blog "Falling Into First"). On Friday they came into class to find their Leprechaun Hats shrunken down. The kids were in awe!

Here are mine...

 My wonderful and dear friend, Christine and I, will be getting together to cook up some plans for the last 3 months of school.
 Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend :)