3D Sum Up and Poetry Contest Pizazz!

Finally a beautiful weekend is upon us, here in Southwestern Ontario! It's 68 degrees F with clear skies! Alleluia! :)

This week in grade 1/2 we finished up our 3D Solids Unit! I just love this unit..... and so do the kids!
This week we made practise flip books by Lita Lita! Love these! The students used them during the week to practise at home.
Throughout the unit I used 3D posters created by Tiffany Ford. Adorable!
I created a mini-test for each grade and that was that! Onto FRACTIONS! Wahooo!!

The best part of the week was our CLASSROOM POETRY CONTEST!
A huge success!!
We did a quick review of the types of poems we studied this month out of our Poetry Pack.
 Then each student received an entry form into the contest. Once they filled out their information and handed it to me at the "Poetry Check-In Booth", they were given an envelope with Challenge Words (2 words for grade ones & 4 words for grade twos), poetry paper and a rubric {All this can be found in our Poetry Contest Challenge Pack}.

I also put together 2 poetry prize packs for the winners
 {1 winner from grade one and 1 winner from grade two...
Since I teach a combined grade}.
Inside the pack was a poetry scribbler, playdough, crayons, word search to go mini-book and a Magic Tree House Book.

We discussed the prizes, the rubric and giving our best effort... using all of the nifty poetry tricks we have learned throughout the month of April. And then they were on their way!

Once all entries were handed in, each student received a poetry contest certificate (acknowledging their effort & entry into this contest).

Myself and two other teachers read over the entries and we chose the two winners.
They were ECSTATIC!!! It was like the Oscars when I called their names!! The kids all clapped and cheered (trying to teach good sportsmanship).
What fun :)

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 Hoping it's just as sunny and beautiful where you are...
Have a wonderful weekend!:)