We started out Earth Day--Monday April 22, 2013 with our best environmental foot forward. The students walked into a classroom with a Lorax on our door (Pintrest), Lorax pencils in their bins (Target), Lorax Poster for pin the moustache on the Lorax, and a day full of earth awareness activities (Our Earth Day Five Pack).

I like bringing back old games that I use to play with the kids. "Pin the moustache on the Lorax" was certainly one of the highlights of our day. 
We also watched the online E-book version and completed a chart paper activity about the story.
Here are some pictures of the students doing the activities from our 5 pack.  We wanted to include activities they would find original and enjoy.  They had a blast and learned some valuable things that they can do in a day to help save the earth. 
We used sand timers for the two minutes to study the picture recall activity.  The students loved the idea and commented on this being something new and fun.  You could actually see them using different techniques to remember as many as they can. One student was making a story to go with the pictures, and started a retell when she had to turn the picture over. One of my students that usually struggles with spelling, decided to draw the pictures she was recalling.  They are little geniuses :) 
 The scavenger hunt was a success. They noticed the cards around the classroom in the morning and couldn't wait till I explained the activity.  They came up with different answers than I had anticipated for some of the questions, and surprised me again. I am so glad that I didn't have an answer sheet made up for them, we took up the answers in class and I learned more than I was prepared to teach.
The scrabble word activity the students are familiar with and I noticed this time, they wanted to beat each others scores. Students had the front and back of their worksheets covered and had calculators out adding up their scores.  This was a great math/language activity that they really enjoyed.
Kaitlin and I have participated in some different craft projects with other bloggers across USA and Canada this past Winter {Thanks to Maria at: The First Grade Carousel}.  I would love to make an exchange project next year to see what other schools do to celebrate this day.
Please drop us a line to share what you do for Earth Day! 
The three winners of our earth day poetry contest were announced in the morning. Here is one of our winners.  The contest was a huge success and the students that I spoke with enjoyed being part of it. The certificates for participation are being printed on recycled paper and sent home at the end of this week. 
Have a Happy Earth Week!
Thank you