Poetry Month... Full Speed Ahead!

My grade 1/2 class dove into poetry by creating poetry books last week.

We began with a very basic form of Poetry-- Acrostic Poems.
The kiddos created Acrostic Poems about their friends and family, as well as creating one using their name.

Then following our K&C Poetry Unit, we learned about and created Cinquain Poems.
As a class, we created a unique poem about our LSST (Learning Support Services Teacher). Hehe!
The kids thought it was a hoot!!

After practising with the "Cinquain Form", the students were paired up and created a Cinquain Earth Poem. With Earth Day nearing, it gave the kids a little snapshot of how each student thought of the Earth. Some were very eye-opening!

Today, we moved onto "I WISH" Poems! I am going to take some pictures tomorrow to share. Each student really got to express their feeling through this one!! Some made me laugh and others made me want to cry. So wonderful to see their creativity and a peak inside their minds :)

After creating our Earth Cinquain Poems, we did a little painting. Using the "Carousel" Idea, each student first created a globe using blue and green thumb prints.

I then placed multi coloured finger paints at each group. Each student in the group chose one colour to stick with. Then, each student added their fingerprint to each globe. When I said "rotate" they would add their fingerprints to the next group of globes, as well their initials. At the end, each students globe was filled with each of their classmate print :)

Finally, the students added arms, legs and hair... making each fingerprint look like their owner.
We attached our Earth Cinquains and Voila!
{HERE} is the Earth Day Cinquain Template I created if it interests you.
(little earth graphic created by Krista Wallden)

We are going to continue learning about and using a few more forms of poetry next week and then we're going to have a little fun!
A little poetry contest will be in store for the last week of April :)
The kids are pumped for a challenge!