Poetry Unit {Bundled}

We have bundled our 3 Poetry Packs into ONE :)
Check it out!
This 79 page poetry bundle has everything you need to teach your students 8 different styles of poetry writing, as well as poetry response sheets and a poetry contest pack. This bundle can be made into centers  or used as lessons as a whole class.
This package includes:

-8 different types of poem explanation sheets / lesson with examples (Acrostic, Cinquain, Haiku, I Wish, Rhyming, 5 Senses, Shape, and 5W’s poems)
-8 center instruction sheets easy for students to read and follow
-8 worksheets (with two variation activities)
-36 rhyming cut and match word cards
-Student tracking sheet for centers
-Certificate of Completion
-Explanation of the Importance of Responding to Poetry
-Easy steps for responding to poetry
-2 student response activity worksheets
-3 Poetry Response Book Covers
-A picture list of our favorite books of poetry
-Explanation on how to make a Poetry Response Book
-8 Poetry Response Questions
-Information about the contest
-Notes to the teacher
-Guidelines and Poem Styles
-Format and Illustrations
-Parent letter for 5 word challenge
-Parent letter for (blank- your choice) word challenge
-Rules and Regulation Contract/Entry Form (with 5 word challenge)
-Rules and Regulation Contract/Entry Form (with blank- your choice word challenge)
-Judging Rubric
-Participation Certificate
-12 word cut out cards (Earth day theme)
-12 word cut out cards (General theme)
-5/blank word individual student challenge fill-in sheets
-2 blank activity poem sheets/2 Earth Day Poem activity sheets
-Parent Letter and Entry Form “Earth Day” Theme
-Parent Letter and Entry Form “General” Theme