3D Artwork, Fractions, Mother`s Day Prep & An Amazing Race Review!

Took LOTS of pictures this week! It was a BUSY ONE!  We finished our unit off with some 3D visual art. We created 3D buildings out of a small construction-paper-square.

 We began our math unit on FRACTIONS this week!
These cute little fraction books are from THE TEACHER WIFE's Fraction Fun: A Math Packet

We used coloured Goldfish Crackers to see that fractions are everywhere in our lives.

This week we also got a jump start on our Mother`s Day Gifts. We made our ``Fork`` Tulip Cards. Inside we included a MOM questionnaire as well as a private message.
HERE is a copy of the questions I created and the private message sheet :)

I took a kiddos pictures a few weeks ago (profiles) and printed them off in black and white.

The kids traced them onto a clipboard and then painted them with chalkboard paint. They turned out SOOOOOO well. I took a small group at a time, while the other students were working in centers or assignments. It was either going to turn out wonderful or horrific! Hehehe.

This week we will attach our ribbon and chalk, as well as their cards and wrap them all up :)

Now onto some poetry response!
I bought this new Robert Munsch Silly Poem Book through books orders last week and used it for some poetry response activities this week. I used our Poetry Response pack to have the kids look deeper into why the author uses certain words in his or her writing pieces.

P.S.The kids have hats and stuffed animals because it was a loonie license day to raise funds for Children with Cancer in Windsor and Essex County.

 And finally..... it is complete!
The end of the year can be a BUSY time.  This package is meant to act as a review as well add an element of fun!
How to use this package:
This package is meant to be used as a daily review
Copy the {yellow & black} End of Year Amazing Review card on the back of a review card {cards are numbered}- **Copy back to front
Leave the card facing up as the students enter the classroom for the day or perhaps after recess (We recommend laminating these cards– to either use again or as a keepsake pack/review pack that student can take home for the summer)
If you do not want to print class copies, you can also put these questions up on an overhead, Smartboard, chalkboard etc. each day.
Students solve the problems in the their Race Notebooks/Folders
(we also have provided blackline masters if you do not have notebooks to use).
Give students a certain amount of time to solve
When time is up, take up the questions with students

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