Summing Up Our Fraction Unit!

 This week we finished up our Fraction Unit!
Check out some of the activities we did.
Fraction Kites! This activity is great for any grade! You can make it easy-- asking the kids to use only a few colours or you can even cut down the square to make it small (with fewer squares).  It can be made more challenging by asking them to use MANY different colours.

Pizza Fractions!
Here are some pizza freebies I found:
Easy-peasy and the kids LOVED it! We pretended we were working at a pizzeria! A couple kiddos were almost fired (hehe). Who wants a pizza slice with ONE mushroom! C'mon! I played some Italian music and we got workin'! Hehe!!!

Fraction- Pillars- Carol Carroll's fabulous idea!! Very cute!!!!
Definitely would do these again! Another easy, yet practical activity.

Today we did a Fraction Sort. I bought a package called "Fraction Fun" from The Teacher's Wife a few years ago, and I finally got to use it this year! This fraction sort was a great way to assess fractions quickly!

Onto Addition and Subtraction! :)
It's almost here......


  1. I love teaching fractions! It looks like your class had a lot of fun.
    Kids Math Teacher


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