May 1st marked the first day of serious TEST PREP.  When I say serious, I really mean that it is the beginning of "confidence building" with my students. All year I have been trying to instill confidence in my student's ability to complete and assess their own work.  My goal for our 3 days of  EQAO testing is to send my students in with the attitude that they can do it! In the past I have been told by former students that the three days of testing were some of the best days of their grade 3 year. The students have been preparing for this all year so to say that we are starting this in May is really not very accurate. They have been exposed to questions similar to the text questions since September.  May is the month that they see the set up and packages exactly the way they will be seeing it at the end of the month. 

Here is our "I CAN DO IT" EQAO booklets. 

I found some inspiring words on pinterest under test preparations.
We have been working on past tests and putting their answers on a bump it up wall to show them how to take their answers to the next level.
I have had such a positive response from the children already.  They have been having so much fun, and of course I have been rewarding them with outside fun time (soccer baseball) and plenty of fishy crackers and fruit.
We also have planted bean seeds in cd cases, another wonderful idea from pinterest. They turned out amazing and the students are so exciting to record the changes each day. Once the beans have sprouted the first leaves we will label them and send them home to be planted in a garden.  
 Hope everyone has a great Mother's day!
Here is what we ended up doing for Mother's day in the classroom.  We didn't have the time to do the silhouettes, so I had the students create a rectangle and provide me with the perimeter of it. They taped it with painters tape and used chalkboard paint to fill it in. They still turned out great. We added bows and used velcro to attach a piece of chalk to the board. Some of the students made it a TO DO: list and included things like ....hug mom, kiss mom.  So cute.
I didn't get a chance to take a picture of a finished one. We had a talent show at our school as well as it being education week so the week was pretty much a blur.  I am so proud of what I did get accomplished. The finished products were similar to this, except we had  pretty ribbon tied through the top and foam letters that spelt out MOM or MOMMY.  The students commented on how this was one of their favourite gifts they have ever made for mom.  I really was proud of them and had quite a few compliments from my colleagues.