This Week in Grade 1/2

Ummm.... When did May even begin!?! Wow! Time is a flyin'!
With only 6 weeks or so left, our classroom is getting busier and busier!

This week we finished our Informational Research Writing Projects.

We have been working on asking strong questions- "I Wonder Questions" and then reading to learn more. We then try to use the text to support our "I Wonder Questions". This week, we created Animal posters to wear and created an iMovie with our I Wonder Books. (note- The Gr.1's and 2's had different expectations for this activity).
The kids LOVED this!!!

{Here} is the booklet I created if you would like to take a peak at it or use it in your own room.

We also began letter writing this week!
During TPT's Teacher's Appreciation week I purchased Erica Bohrer's Letter Writing Unit. I love it!

We created letter writing pockets for the kids to keep their letters and letter writing activities.

 We read one of my favourite books "Dear Mr. Blueberry"!
Dear Mr. Blueberry, I love whales very much and I think I saw one in my pond today. Please send me some information on whales." It's vacation time, so Emily has to write to her teacher to help when she discovers a blue whale living in her pond. Mr. Blueberry answers that she must be mistaken, because whales live in the ocean, not in ponds.

Throughout the summer, Emily and Mr. Blueberry exchange letters, until Emily has a happy surprise to share with her teacher. In the process, Emily learns a lot about whales. And Mr. Blueberry leans even more about imagination, faith, and love.

About a month ago, my students and I dove into informational writing (See the post here). This book was perfect to begin our letting writing unit with because it was also about Whales and the kids got to use their previous knowledge to respond back to Emily's letters!

We wrote a "share the pen" letter back to Emily. I made copies of this letter and sent it home for the kids to read with their parents at night.

We also wrote letters in pairs to the author! Adorable!

 In Science & Math, we finally completed our bouncy balls!! They turned out Awesome!!!
We re-discussed the properties of liquids and solids and dove in!

Next week, we are going to dive deep into PLURALS....

 We have a long weekend here in Canada!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are :)